Warsteiner • 5l Mini Keg

A refreshing pale golden pilsener with a clean taste perfectly balanced with hints of barley malt subtle bottom fermenting yeast tones and mild hoppy bitterness. 4. 8% abv


฿1,350.00 ฿1,250.00


Quality Hops

Hops, composed due to the results of professional manual quality evaluation and elaborated analysis methods of hundreds of samples of fresh harvested batches of premium quality varieties from accepted best provenances, so that it matches the profile demands for WARSTEINER. (To keep this harvest-fresh quality over the year these selected batches are extracted after selection immediately with the help of pure carbon dioxide or alcohol respectively pelletized and vacuum-packed.

Brewing barley

Malt from selected and audited two-row spring barley of specified types and provenances.

Especially soft brewing water 

Brewing water of an outstanding quality for WARSTEINER which is particularly characterized by it’s pureness and “softness"




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