The winner of the golden medal at the World-Spirits Award 2018! And the world’s best gin to make Gin Tonic with, according to the International Wine & Spirit Company 2018 in London (GINSTR also won the ‘Gin Tonic Trophy 2018’ with the addition ‘Outstanding’).


Each bottle of GINSTR is filled by hand as well as packed and shipped by Markus and Alexander themselves, so unfortunately longer shipping times are possible. Currently it takes up to 3 weeks after ordering to deliver the 711 limited bottles.

Thank you for your patience. We’ll be busy distilling for you.

A true Stuttgart Dry Gin, with botanicals from Stuttgart and mineral water from Cannstatt. 46 exquisite herbs, flowers and fruits. Fresh citrus aromas, the finest juniper, a touch of rosemary – all from 0711 to the world, just GINSTR.

Volume: 0,5 liters, 44 vol. % alcohol
Origin: Stuttgart, Germany
Quantity: 711 limited bottles per batch
Botanicals: Juniper, citrus fruits, orange blossoms, elderberry blossoms, cardamom, rosemaryas well as 40 other exquisite ingredients
Characteristics: Prepared without any preservatives or artificial colors, 100% vegan


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