HIMBEERGEIST / Rasberry Brandy

Since its foundation, Kammer-Kirsch has had but one objective: the production of genuine and exquisite noble fruit brandies.  As superior quality requires, the only way to distill a brandy of the highest natural purity is to use selected and fully ripe fruit.

Kammer-Kirsch’s extraordinary quality is achieved through a careful double distillation.  The distilling experts of Kammer-Kirsch perform their high art throughout the various steps of production.  From the fruit to the brand, they use exclusively the finest and tastiest substances.

A long maturation in glazed earthenware jugs, ashen and Oakwood casks at the constant temperature of deep vaulted cellars then gives the fruit brandies their exquisite taste and inimitable fruity bouquet.


Bottle    1L          (6 bottles/case)



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