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At Supreme Beverages Asia Co., Ltd

We are committed to providing high-quality solutions
tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Because you are our priority knowledgeable team members work with you to ensure the best outcome in quality for you and your customers.

Product Quality and Reliability.
Integrity and Ethical Values.
Direct, open, and honest communication.
Commitment to clients.
Continual self-improvement.
Having fun.
People being the source of our strength.

All about your EVENT

We use our experience to partner with you to help you carefully plan and execute your event.

We tailor our mobile beverage services and event staffing to your event vision and requirements including your theme, occasion, budget, event space.

Our staff are seasoned industry professionals that love what they do. This passion for the trade translates into high quality service and beverages for you and your guests. If you are in Bangkok and you are wondering “Do you provide beverage catering near me?”, the answer most likely is Yes if you are within a two hour drive of Bangkok. We save you time and money because our beverage catering company provides you everything you need to execute your beverage service at competitive pricing and correct amount. We create an itemized quote for your beverage catering package so you get exactly what you want, and not add additional costs for things you don’t need.

We can provide:
Event staffing
Beverage party rentals

We are leaders in the value our beverage services create for your money spent.
We guarantee our customers get the best value for life

All about your DRAFT BEER

It was first in the early 20th century when draft beer started to be served from pressured containers. In 1936 artificial carbonation was introduced in the UK. This method first settled in the UK in the late 1950s.

Supreme Beverages Asia offers a wide assortment of products for draught beer and beverage from keg to glass including beer coolers, glycol coolers, CO2 regulators, keg couplers, agitators or pumps, fittings, beer lines, towers and cleaning- and verification agent in powder form for all kinds of dispensing installations for beverage.

So, if you took the decision to go for our draft beer selection, we will make sure that with our coolers from Lindr, you will serve the prefect beer with the perfect temperature.

Our technicians will always make it happen for the satisfaction of your customers, at day and night.